Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt

Hello friends, I want to make you aware of a new endeavor that I am starting this week and will post on the off weeks of my blog. It is called Five Minute Friday writing prompt and it is hosted by Kate Motaung. The purpose of this is to encourage and assist other Christian writers on their journey to excel in their composing.

Kate provides a word and as a writer you are to write for five minutes on that one word with whatever comes to mind. You are not supposed to edit it but since I am an Enneagram 1, I will probably at least do some correction of my grammar.

I truly enjoy writing and want to improve on how I present the information to my readers, i.e., you guys. This process, along with taking some on line classes, will hopefully get me there.

Can I ask a favor of you too? If you have time to read these Five Minute prompts can you please provide me with some feedback on the writing? Just leave a note in the comments section of the blog or email me your thoughts at: If you don’t have time you will not hurt my feelings by passing it by.

Thanks again for supporting me on this journey and pray it will be beneficial to you too. Have a blessed weekend!


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